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Construction site machines, excavator, earth digger, truck animation for kids

Watch our new animation for children about different construction site machines such as an excavator, earth digger and a big truck with a crane lifter! This animated video was created for kids of any age to stimulate their imagination with beautifully saturated colours and shapes. All our animations have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like animals, colours, shapes and machines used on a farm, construction site or up in the air. Each episode will help your child expand creativity and logical thinking. Our animated videos also target to inspire the child’s creative imagination in the most unique way possible. We try to make all our videos interesting and fun to watch by introducing a lot of different elements. In this educational video for children, you will see how a big truck, earth digger and an excavator are assembled! Kids will learn the main parts names and have a look at how hydraulic cylinders work. See the excavator at work digging trenches,

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